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Online self-service Laundromat system.
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Solve a coin problem
with our online payment system.
WashCoin offers a convenience store
where you no longer need to exchange coins.
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Cleaner, Better for your clothes
with Front-Loading Washer
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Pay with QR Code and push notification when finished with our App WashCoin

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Why you choose us?
Washing with a front-loading machine

Washing with a front-loading machine

WashCoin laundromat provides automatic laundry services with front-loading machines. Using the latest washing technology to preserve fabric along...

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Dry with friendly prices

Dry with friendly prices

Dry with friendly prices. WashCoin comes with drying machine that make you don’t need dry for your own. Our dryer use hot air which can make...

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Cashless. Pay with Application

Cashless. Pay with Application

In WashCoin service you can pay with application washcoin trough QR code system, makes you don’t need to find any coin. With many function...

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Easily to use

How to use WashCoin Service:

Download And Register

For first time download application WashCoin and log in with facebook/Email will receive 1 wash and dry coupon for free

Scan to Start

When you already choose the machine, scan QR code the Start the machine. When the machine is on means it’s ready to use

Wash and Dry

Don’t need to wait. With our function when the machine is finished, it will send push notification to you

Top up Credit

You can Top up credit with Debit/Credit card, Counter Service (7-11) or Cash Transfer in application

In my apartment has many washing machine with coin system. it isn't clean, then I come to use WashCoin shop. My life is easier no need coin anymore!!


I like the warm water system, it's make my clothes cleaner and can use many machine in one time. Last thing is don't need to exchange coin anymore


I love to use Drying machine, cause my apartment don't has any place to hang the clothes out. And for all of the reason it's cheap!!

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