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Washing with a front-loading machine

Washing with a front-loading machine

WashCoin laundromat provides automatic laundry services with front-loading machines. Using the latest washing technology to preserve fabric along with keeping its clean all the time. The key is to wash your clothes with a warm water system that dissolves detergent better. It also helps kill bacteria and certain types of germs as well.

We currently use LG and Seamen front load washing. Which is durable And beautiful design. Can be washed in warm water which is cleaner than the top-loading system. This reason is attracting the customer and convincing them to switch from the traditional coin box top-loading washing machine to WashCoin.

In addition, Dryer machine in the front loading system also work muck better than the top cover system. Makes drying with a WashCoin dryer done without the use of high heat and also use less electricity in the drying process

Since the WashCoin system is a cloud-controlled system, users can choose their own washing programs independently. The price will be charged based on actual usage time.

However, we recommend that customers use the 60 minutes washing program for the best performance.

60 minutes washing program

We recommend that customers use 60 minutes washing program for the best performance.
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