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Cashless. Pay with Application

Cashless. Pay with Application

In WashCoin service you can pay with application washcoin trough QR code system, makes you don’t need to find any coin. With many function such as check for available machine before going to use, and push notification when the machine is finished

You can top up credit with 3 method
2.Cash transfer
3.Counter-Service (7-11)

Cashless Society

In present time, Smartphones are must have for everyone with the internet technology that are growing faster makes the mobile payment secure and easily to use. People don’t need to have real cash for spent in every day life.

Coin is easier?

In past time people don’t have a choice to choose, because of technologies are over prices

But in present time, technologies are growing faster and make people more convenient. Why people will go back to use the old system while the technology can provides better.

While the owner will worry about collect the coin, robbery problem

When the technologies, user, system are ready and prices of service is reduced. The customer can change to use mobile payment completely

WashCoin is the First one that use online mobile payment to replace the coin system among non-believer such as coin vending machine system, or some start-up business

later in middle of 2017. The bank of Thailand and many commercial bank are collaborative to push forward on QR code payment system via mobile phone. What we learned from this event is mobile payment technology isn’t far for us

The nuber of our customer has increase continuously. Expanding branches continuously. People who interested in our system are increase continuously. Our QR code payment system is a “Killer Feature” for other laundromat, we are only one who use this system

After this WashCoin’ll push forward on QR code payment to implement on other vending machine product and other industries






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